Lischka M, H Hinghofer-Szalkay, T Kenner

Rückmeldung durch objektive Wissenskontrollen als Hilfe zur Koordination des medizinischen Unterrichts
(Feedback by objective tests for coordination of medical teaching)

Wien Klin Wschr. 1979; 91: 492-6

Within the framework of an experimentally introduced curriculum in Medical Physiology during the three years, voluntary multiple-choice tests were offered at the end of each term in order to provide students with feedback on their achievements.

Positive results contribute to the final grade. Analysis of test results reveals improvement after the first year; results of subsequent tests are fairly stable. Selected items are presented in detail in order to show the distribution of choices. As revealed by item analysis the attractivity of distractors seems to be of a specific nature.

Statistical results and interpretation of content of questions derived from different fields indicate that valuable feedback might be obtained from objective tests when interdisciplinary coordination of the curriculum is to be achieved.