Hinghofer-Szalkay H, T Kenner, W Estelberger

Spectral analysis of spontaneous contractions of the isolated portal vein of rats

Pfluegers Arch. 1976; 364: 157-60

The spontaneous contractions of segments of rat portal veins have been examined in vitro under isotonic and isometric conditions. The power density spectra of recorded time series lasting 10-60 min were calculated.

The spectra usually consist of harmonic frequency components. Only during shorter periods of analysis (10 min time series) we sometimes found additional non-harmonic components. All frequency components are proportionally shifted by changes of the bath temperature according to an average Q10 of 2.0. Increase of the load decreases the frequency of the contractons.

The results of the spectral analysis, indicating a preponderance of a single source of periodicity, were supported by direct evidence of a pacemaker region. By recording contractions after systematic dissections of the portal vein segment, we found that spontaneous activity is generated at the central end of the segment.