Welcome to the
15th IAA Humans in Space Symposium

Graz / Austria, May 22-26, 2005    

Benefits of Human Presence in Space

Historical, scientific, medical, cultural, and political aspects

Humans in Space is an international scientific symposium dedicated to discussion and research in those human and biological sciences related to long-duration space travel

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Scientific Committee
  Chairpersons: H. Hinghofer-Szalkay (Austria), I. Kozlovskaya (Russia), T. Mano (Japan), P. Norsk (Denmark)
Vice Chairpersons: P. Arbeille (France), G. Horneck (Germany), R. Hughson (Canada), P. Raven (USA)
Honorary Chairpersons: R. Gerzer (Germany), A. Grigoriev (Russia), R. White (USA), L.-F. Zhang (China)

Honorary Vice Chairpersons: K. Baldwin (USA), G. Clement (France), J. Draeger (Germany), K. Shiraki (Japan)

Members of the Scientific Committee

 G.K. Anderson (USA) -- P. Arbeille (France) -- K. Baldwin (USA) -- A. Bellenkes (USA) -- A. Berthoz (France) -- A. Blaber (Canada) -- D. Blottner (Germany) -- J. Charles (USA) -- S. Churchill (USA) -- G. Clement (France) -- M. Cohen (USA) -- V. Convertino (USA) -- P. Di Prampero (Italy) -- J. Draeger (Germany) -- R. Edgerton (USA) -- J. Evans (USA) -- S. Fortney (USA) -- C. Fuller (USA) -- R. Gerzer (Germany) -- C. Gharib (France) -- P. Gräf (Germany) -- A. Grigoriev (Russia) -- A. Hargens (USA) -- V. Harsch (Germany) -- M. Heer (Germany) -- H. Hinghofer-Szalkay (Austria) -- G. Horneck (Germany) -- R. Hughson (Canada) -- P.A. Illig (USA) -- R. Jennings (USA) -- D. Jezova (Slovakia) -- N. Kanas (USA) -- K. Kirsch (Germany) -- C. Knapp (USA) -- I. Kozlovskaya (Russia) -- S. Kravik (Norway) -- K. Kreuzberg (Germany) -- R. Kvetnansky (Slovakia) -- B. Levine (USA) -- J. Loeppky (USA) -- B. Lötsch (Austria) -- T. Mano (Japan) -- A.C. Matin (USA) -- E. Monos (Hungary) -- C. Mukai (Japan) -- P. Norsk (Denmark) -- G. Pantalos (USA) -- J. Pawelczyk (USA) -- F. Paulin (France) -- P. Raven (USA) -- R. Rayman (USA) -- G. Reitz (Germany) -- J. Risdall (UK) -- H. Rucker (Austria) -- J. Rummel (USA) -- G. Ruyters (Gemany) -- B. Saltin (Denmark) -- H. Scharfetter (Austria) -- S. M. Schneider (USA) -- V. Schneider (USA) -- N. Secher (Denmark) -- C. Sekiguchi (Japan) -- J. Seylaz (France) -- K. Shiraki (Japan) -- V. Shurshakov (Russia) -- G. Sonnenfeld (USA) -- F. Strollo (Italy) -- S. Tachibana (Japan) -- N. Vana (Austria) -- Ch. Wade (USA) -- D. Watenpaugh (USA) -- R. White (USA) -- L.-F. Zhang (China)
Steering and Local* Committees

: Gerda Horneck, Inessa Kozlovskaya, Ronald White

IAP: Helmut Hinghofer-Szalkay*, Andreas Rössler*, Melitta Unterlerchner*
ASA: Michaela Gitsch
ESA: Oliver Angerer, Volker Damann, Piero Messina, Didier Schmitt
DLR: Günter Ruyters, Martina Heer
CNES: Guillemette Gauquelin-Koch
CNRS: Gilles Clement

NASA: John D. Rummel
Government of Styria: Peter Piffl-Percevic*, Michael Teubl*
City of Graz: Christian Buchmann*, Martina Grassberger*
Grazer Congress: Elisabeth Hansa*