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15th IAA Humans in Space Symposium

Graz / Austria, May 22-26, 2005    

Benefits of Human Presence in Space

Historical, scientific, medical, cultural, and political aspects

Humans in Space is an international scientific symposium dedicated to discussion and research in those human and biological sciences related to long-duration space travel

The Institute for Adaptive and Spaceflight Physiology is pleased to host this Symposium at the Congress Centre in Graz, Austria.
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Selected papers representing the proceedings for this symposium appear in a special issue of Acta Astronautica (Volume 56, Numbers 9-12, May - June 2005). The proceedings book has been mailed to registered delegates.

** If you attended the symposium and have not yet provided your updated mailing address, please contact the organizers at HumansInSpace2003@space.gc.ca with your full postal address.

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